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Mirage were invited by Network Rail and their Northern & Southern Alliances to showcase our latest innovation - Induction Welding of Rail at Grange Sidings in Stoke on Trent.  We ran live demonstrations for the delegates to demonstrate the benefits of our patented process and equipment. The event ran seemlessly as we demonstrated welds infront of over 100 delegates who were very complimentary about the future of our equipment. Thank you to all who visited our stand.

Our rail welding offers:

Low risk of accidental fires, no gas cylinders or hoses required for pre-heating, no exposure to molten metals, no smoke or fume, reduced operator risk, remote E/Stop control, process monitoring & Data logging. Our "Poke-Yoke" process guarantee’s quality. At  one quarter the power demand of flash butt welding our low energy solution enables deployment from lightweight RRV's, with automatic peaking, stressing capabilities, and automatic shearing. Our compact design is suitable for S&C installations, and verstile enough for plain line too, our equipment sets a new standard for continuously welded rail installation.

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