Induction Rail Welding Plant

Mirage are proud to announce the arrival of our Induction Rail Welder. We have developed the process and mobile Induction Welding Head to be suitable initially for CEN 56 & 60 rail profiles. Other profiles will follow. 

  • Bend strength – In excess of 1330kN minimum.
  • Bend test properties similar to parent rail material in the absence of a weld
  • Microstructure: As parent rail with slight increase in hardness
  • Microstructure: Heat affected zone without oxidation & flaws.
  • Visual appearance after forged material removal – clean & linear
  • Minimal consumption for S&C installations

Our prototype unit is now complete with product acceptance scheduled for September. Future developments are planned for a series of models & configuration to meet the needs of a wide range of rail applications.

Full scale production will commence post product acceptance for:

  • High Speed Rail
  • High Accuracy S&C installations
  • Rail Defect Removal
  • Lightweight RRV combination
  • Other Deployment Methods

Patents applied for in the UK, USA, CA, Europe, AU, NZ, SG. UDR Reserved Mirage & Network Rail 2019. © Reserved Mirage & Network Rail 2019.’

Benefits of our equipment 

Environmental & Safety Issues:

  • Low Risk of accidental fires
  • No gas cylinders or hoses required for pre-heating
  • No operator exposure to molten metals
  • Ignition risk - minimal
  • No smoke or fumes
  • Reduced Operator risk
  • Remote control E/Stop
  • Process monitoring & Data logging
  • Low energy consumption (150KVa)
  • Deployable from low cost lightweight RRV (just 2200Kg)
  • Automatic Peaking
  • Stressing Capabilities Built In
  • Automatic Shearing
  • Compact for S&C installations
  • Poka-Yoke – error proof welds
  • Sub 6 Minute weld process   (CEN 56)

Future Developments:

  • GPS positional weld data recording
  • Twin Head for plain rail High Output
  • Integrated Rail Stressing

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Mirage Induction Rail Welding Plant

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